Florin Dolcos wins the CPRF Award from the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation

Florin Dolcos has been selected as the recipient of 2007 CPRF Award for his project entitled "The Impact of Emotion on Cognition: fMRI Investigation of Individual Differences in the Neural Correlates of Emotional Processing in Healthy and Depressed Groups". Collaborators: Dr. Nicholas Coupland and Dr. Roger Dixon.

Paper Accepted for Publication in Neuropsychologia

Paper by Dolcos, F., Diaz-Granados, P., Wang, L., & McCarthy, G., "Opposing Influences of Emotional and Non-Emotional Distracters upon Sustained Prefrontal Cortex Activity during a Delayed-Response Working Memory Task" has been accepted for publication in Neuropsychologia.

Paper Published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Paper by Merrill KA, Dolcos F, Cabeza R & Strauman TJ entitled "Neural Correlates of Promotion and Prevention Goal Activation: An fMRI Study Using an Idiographic Approach" has been published in July issue of Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

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Paper Published in Brain Research

Paper by Dolcos, F., Miller, B., Jha, A., & McCarthy, G., "Regional Brain Differences in the Effect of Distraction during a Delay Interval of a Working Memory Task." published in Brain Research.

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