Paper on Neural Corelates of Observing Social Interactions Accepted for Publication.

Paper by Sanda Dolcos & Colleagues "The Power of a Handshake: Neural Correlates of Evaluative Judgments in Observed Social Interactions" was accepted for publication in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Download from here.

Paper Linking Impairing and Enhancing Effects of Emotion Published.

Paper by Shafer & Dolcos "Neural Correlates of Opposing Effects of Emotional Distraction on Perception and Episodic Memory: An Event-Related fMRI Investigation" was  published in Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, as part of the Special Research Topic on "The Impact of Emotion on Cognition – Dissociating between Enhancing and Impairing Effects".

Paper on Emotional Influence on Impulse Control Published.

Paper by Brown & colleagues "Effects of Emotional Context on Impulse Control" was accepted for publication in Neuroimage. Epub ahead of print version can accessed here.

DLab Publication Receives Best Paper Award.

Review paper by Dolcos & colleagues "Neural Correlates of Emotion-Cognition Interactions: A Review of Evidence from Brain Imaging Investigations" that was published in Journal of Cognitive Psychology (JCP) has received the 2011 JCP Best Paper Award. See the official announcement here and download the paper here.

Paper Reconciling Conflicting Theories Concerning the Automaticity of Emotion Processing Published.

Paper by Shafer & colleagues "Processing of Emotional Distraction is both Automatic and Modulated by Attention: Evidence from an Event-Related fMRI Investigation" was published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Download from here.

Review Paper on Neural Correlates of Emotional Memories Published.

Paper by Dolcos & colleagues "Neural Correlates of Emotional Memories: A Review of Evidence from Brain Imaging Studies" was published in the Special Issue of Psychologia on "Recent Advances of Functional Neuroimaging Studies on Episodic Memories". Download from here.

Beckman Fellowship Won by DLab Member.

Graduate student Alex Iordan wins a Beckman Felowship for 2012-2013. Way to go, Alex!

Dolcos Lab in the News!

NARSAD-funded paper on the role of personality and sex-related differences in reliving personal memories, published in Emotion, receives generous media attention - see the links below for some of the echoes, and read the paper here.

DLab Presents at the CNS 2012 in Chicago.

Sanda, Alex, & Andrea "in action" presenting their posters. Florin gave a talk in the symposium on "Emotion’s Impact on Cognition - Dissociating Enhancing and Impairing Effects", which he co-chaired with Mara Mather (see here for details)

New Trainees Join DLab - Welcome Aboard!

Weiqi Zhao joined DLab as a Psych 290 student, Esther Kim & Jatin Pandey joined DLab as tech RAs, and Yifan Hu & Sagar Desai joined DLab as volunteers (see People section for details).