Paper on Brain Imaging of Depression Published in "SCAN".

Paper by Eddington, Dolcos, & colleagues "Neural Correlates of Idiographic Goal Priming in Depression: Goal-Specific Dysfunctions in the Orbitofrontal Cortex" published in "Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience". Donwload a PDF from here.

New Member of the [extended] DLab Joins Our Group.

We are happy to welcome Francesca (Ekaterina's new baby girl), who has recently joined the "extended" DLab! See some pictures here.

DLab Research Featured by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

The research conducted by Dr. Ekaterina Ninova[Denkova] (a Wyeth-CIHR post-doctoral fellow in Dolcos Lab) was featured in the June newletter of the CIHR as being among "some of the outstanding research being done across Canada" on aging (see the link to “At peace with the past

DLab Research Featured in NARSAD Annual Report.

Dr. Dolcos' research investigating the neural correlates of emotion processing and memory was featured on the cover of NARSAD 2008 Annual Report.

Dolcos Lab Successful in Securing Funds for Summer Students.

Members of the Dolcos Lab win Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research  (Keen and Trisha) and Canada Summer Jobs (Kristina and Crystal) summer studentships. Way to go!

Paper on PTSD Receives Generous Media Attention.

Dolcos Lab Presents at the CNS 2009.

DLab members presented 4 posters at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in San Francisco. You may see the posters here (for reprints, please email Andrea, Ekaterina, Sanda and Florin directly - see "people" section for their emails):

Paper Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

Paper by Morey, Dolcos, & colleagues: "The Role of Trauma Related Distractors on Neural Systems for Working Memory and Emotion Processing in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder" Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

Download PDF

Summer Students Present at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Annual Poster Competition.

Gloria, Dmitriy, and Keen presented posters summarizing the projects they worked on during the summer of 2008. See their posters here: Gloria's, Dmitriy's, and Keen's.