Paper on Emotional Memory in Aging Published in "Psychological Science" Receives Generous Media Attention.

Paper by St. Jacques, Dolcos, & Cabeza "Effects of Aging on Functional Connectivity of the Amygdala for Subsequent Memory of Negative Pictures: A Network Analysis of fMRI data" was published on-line in Psychological Science. This report complements another paper focusing on age-related differences in emotion processing published earlier this year in Neurobiology of Aging. Both reports have received ample local, national, and international media coverage (see below). The findings of these reports have been featured on numerous popular on-line news sources (e.g., EurekAlert), in radio shows (e.g., [Charles] ‘Adler on Line’, Toronto), and in newspapers (e.g., New York Times, Business Week).

Download PDF of the Psychological Science paper.
Download PDF
of the Neurobiology of Aging paper. 


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